Carbon emissions: A new technology could revolutionize CO2 extraction

An industrial-port area in Niigata, Japan, on May 9, 2022. A technology could revolutionize CO2 extraction, according to researchers in Tokyo. ¬©Charly TRIBALLEAU / AFP Innovation In any case, this is what we can hope for in view of the results presented by researchers from the Tokyo Metropolitan University. Atlantico: Among the many innovations and … Read more

DS E-Tense Performance, the influence of racing

NEWS – Associated before the coronavirus with the world of trade fairs, the concepts have not disappeared. The latest from the young luxury brand of Stellantis is an electrical technology laboratory. DS, it seems to us, missed the boat when this label, which designated a parallel line of premium models, cut the umbilical cord with … Read more

how Gladys West invented GPS and changed our lives

Gladys West was born in 1930 in Virginia. It is a state in the South of the United States where at the time to be born into a black family is to start life with a serious handicap. Disability that Gladys West will catch up with tenacity and courage, in particular by walking 10 kilometers … Read more