This “silent” ion-powered drone takes the next step

The Silent Ventus ion-powered drone, from Undefined Technologies, has just completed its third test flight. The manufacturer has succeeded in increasing the flight time of the prototype while reducing the noise generated by this “silent” technology. Drone delivery faces a major obstacle: nuisancenuisance sound. Most models are quadcopters that generate a lot of noise, which … Read more

Airbus unveils ground-breaking in-flight refueling technology for planes and drones

On its stand at the Farnboroug Air Show, Airbus’ UpNext division has just announced the creation of a demonstrator that will automate in-flight refueling for combat aircraft and drones. The precision of the positioning between the two aircraft will be of the order of a centimeter. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] military drones … Read more