green light from the High Health Authority for three vaccines suitable for Omicron for this fall

This new booster dose will be recommended during a new vaccination campaign, coupled with that against influenza. The High Authority for Health (HAS) gives the green light to three anti-Covid-19 vaccines adapted to Omicron for a new booster vaccination campaign planned for the fall and coupled with that against the flu, it announced Tuesday, September … Read more

Kaftrio, this drug with spectacular effects against cystic fibrosis

Kaftrio can be given to a large majority of patients after 12 years. It is delivered in the form of tablets and its side effects are most often mild or moderate. skif – DECRYPTION – Accessible in France for a year, the treatment radically changes the quality of life of patients. Some mentioned “a … Read more

Techno-struggles, investigation of those who resist technology

Presentation of the book by its publisher: Tired of being everywhere filmed and policed ? Fed up with all-digital ? You are not alone. While the digitization of the world seems inevitable, accelerated by the Covid pandemic, oppositions are multiplying: resistance to 5G, fight against the deployment of surveillance technologies, contestation of the computerization of … Read more

ways to treat this mysterious lightning pathology

By Cecile Thibert Posted on 09/15/2022 at 11:11, Update yesterday at 2:39 p.m. Around 6,000 people currently live with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in France. On average, the first symptoms appear around the age of 55. Adobe Stock When this neurodegenerative pathology occurs, patients most often only have two to five years to live. If the … Read more

A thousand reasons to resist technology

Citizen groups who oppose the installation of 5G antennas or the installation of Amazon logistics centers ; neighbors who meet to refuse the installation of meters “ smart » Linky in their building ; farmers who point to the ravages of machinery and reject connected agriculture ; teachers who denounce the blind recourse to “ … Read more

Cancer: success of cell therapy

T lymphocytes are taken from fragments of the patient’s tumor and then grown in the laboratory until they reach several million in order to create a kind of personalized immunotherapy. Carlos Munoz Yague/Divergence DECRYPTION – This advanced treatment has been beneficial to patients with skin cancer with metastases. New hope is emerging for patients with … Read more

towards early blood screening?

By Soline Roy Published yesterday at 7:06 p.m., Update yesterday at 8:04 p.m. This “liquid biopsy” consists of searching the blood for the “abnormal” DNA of tumor cells. Grafvision/Adobe Stock DECRYPTION – A study has detected cancer in apparently healthy people. Finding cancer long before it does damage: a holy grail for oncology research. This … Read more

Miracle, coincidence or misunderstood mechanism? Diving into unexplained healings

By Anne Prigent Published 4 hours ago, Update 4 hours ago Disabled and sick pilgrims in Lourdes, in 1948. Images DECRYPTION – Immunity, placebo effect or lifestyle could be at the origin of these mysteries that medicine does not understand. “I followed for fifteen years a patient carrying a glioblastoma frontal, one of the … Read more

131 cases of dengue fever recorded in France since May

Eight cases of autochthonous dengue, that is to say contracted in France, were noted by the Regional Health Agencies. Several mosquito control operations are carried out. Since May 1, Public Health France has identified 123 cases of dengue fever imported across France, the largest part (42) in Île-de-France, then in Occitanie (24) and in New … Read more

The “Google Earth” of the human body is being built in Grenoble

By Sandy Plas Posted 2 minutes ago, Update 2 minutes ago Paul Tafforeau (here, at the Grenoble synchrotron) is at the origin of the development of biomedical imaging technology, making it possible to scan organs with X-rays. Sandy Plas STORY – Launched in 2020 at the European synchrotron in Grenoble, the Human Organ Atlas program … Read more