The United States is increasingly betting on carbon capture

“Suck up” the CO2 emitted by industrial processes, or even directly into the atmosphere. Then store it in the basement. The CO2 “capture and storage” solution features prominently in the great American climate package, Adopted August 16. Of the 369 billion dollars (397 billion euros) injected into the ecological transition by this plan, part will … Read more

Top 10 horrible things that will happen without a coral reef

I wouldn’t want to drag your spirits down, but the news isn’t good (for a change). Coral reefs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are not doing well at all, according to a new study, conducted by the United Nations. If global warming is not brought under control quickly, they will simply cry out in heat … Read more

CO2 capture is not that effective!

Over the past few months, projects for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) seem to be multiplying all over the world. The quantities announced give hope that the technology could be of great help in the fight against anthropogenic global warming. But researchers point out that the quantities actually eliminated from the atmosphere … Read more

Carbon emissions: A new technology could revolutionize CO2 extraction

An industrial-port area in Niigata, Japan, on May 9, 2022. A technology could revolutionize CO2 extraction, according to researchers in Tokyo. ©Charly TRIBALLEAU / AFP Innovation In any case, this is what we can hope for in view of the results presented by researchers from the Tokyo Metropolitan University. Atlantico: Among the many innovations and … Read more