PHILO / Michel Onfray: Technology is inherent to humans, like death there is no need to be afraid of it, it is advancing towards us

We invited him, he replied within an hour that he was ready, we looked at each other, we thought the same thing: it’s a scam! Michel Onfray had his mailbox hacked. Then we landed, we revived him and the conversation has never been broken until this day. September 20, 2022, 3 p.m. he arrives at … Read more

Google’s flagship smartphone is back on sale at Amazon

By Figaro Services Posted 8 hours ago, Update 8 hours ago The Google Pixel 6 is getting a Prime Day discount Amazon The Google Pixel 6 smartphone is benefiting from a very interesting price drop as part of Amazon Prime Day: this 5G terminal, which works with Android 12, is available for 549 euros instead … Read more

The startup TOP, at the origin of a predictive technology allowing to limit turnover in companies, raises 1.2 M€

As part of a real trend aimed at retaining employees and retaining talent, TOP technology responds to current HR and managerial issues. TOP creates, so to speak, the “augmented manager”. The “augmented manager” according to TOP While the HRDs are increasingly challenged on the loyalty and retention of talent, TOP creates the “augmented manager”. New … Read more