With global warming, tropical diseases threaten France

A tiger mosquito. frank29052515 – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – Insects, mammals, migratory birds… All of them can carry pathogens that pose risks to human and animal health. Temperature rises alter their life cycles and geographic distribution. Mosquitoes transmitting dengue in mainland France, perhaps soon Zika or chikungunya. Crimean-Congo fever in Spain and the tick that carries … Read more

towards the end of the reign of antidepressants?

By Anne Prigent Posted yesterday at 4:53 p.m., Update yesterday at 11:37 p.m. In the minds of the public as well as many doctors, the misunderstanding of serotonin deficiency compensated by drugs persists. Ievgen Chabanov/motortion – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – Long presented as “the pills of happiness”, these drugs are far from being a panacea and … Read more

patients will have to limit their consumption of paracetamol

In a press release, the ANSM invites doctors and pharmacists to limit the dispensing of paracetamol, due to supply tensions. With the approach of winter and its colds, and in the midst of an epidemic wave of Covid-19, patients will have to tighten their belts in terms of consumption of Doliprane or Efferalgan. In a … Read more

“What goes on in our head is not separate from the rest of our physiology!”

“Many mental illnesses are known to be triggered by the interaction of genetic factors and environmental risk factors,” points out Professor Marion Leboyer. SYSPEO/SIPA MAINTENANCE – The Pr Marion Leboyer, psychiatrist, Inserm researcher and general manager of the FondaMental Foundation, recalls that psychiatric illnesses are “diseases like any other”. LE FIGARO. – Is each psychiatric … Read more

How to talk to loved ones about depression

The patient suffering from depression must reassure his children that his apathy has nothing to do with them. Adobe Stock PSYCHOLOGY – It is crucial to put words on the disease to facilitate understanding and empathy of those around you. An operating room. The surgeon removes the oxygen mask from the patient lying in front … Read more

Cancer: Reasons for Hope

DECRYPTION – Innovative drugs, personalized medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence… The list of advances in oncology continues to grow. The last congresses display a contagious optimism. First reason for hope: the number of cancer deaths is down slightly in our country, thanks to earlier diagnoses and more effective treatments. The fact remains that with 380,000 new … Read more

simplify the injection of chemotherapy

By Soline Roy Posted yesterday at 5:58 p.m., Update yesterday at 5:58 p.m. The patient could benefit from a less invasive intervention, thanks to this method of substitution to the placement of a catheter. Image Point Fr/Shutterstock / Image Point Fr DECRYPTION – A French team has developed a process for delivering anti-cancer products subcutaneously. … Read more

why you should not worry about the new Coronavirus discovered in Russia

Illustrative image of human cells against a blue background. Anusorn / stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – Scientists claim that this new virus could bypass the immune protection provided by vaccines. Others invite not to give in to psychosis, recalling that it has not been observed in humans. For the past few days, a new virus has been … Read more

green light from the High Health Authority for three vaccines suitable for Omicron for this fall

This new booster dose will be recommended during a new vaccination campaign, coupled with that against influenza. The High Authority for Health (HAS) gives the green light to three anti-Covid-19 vaccines adapted to Omicron for a new booster vaccination campaign planned for the fall and coupled with that against the flu, it announced Tuesday, September … Read more

Kaftrio, this drug with spectacular effects against cystic fibrosis

Kaftrio can be given to a large majority of patients after 12 years. It is delivered in the form of tablets and its side effects are most often mild or moderate. skif – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – Accessible in France for a year, the treatment radically changes the quality of life of patients. Some mentioned “a … Read more