Google Maps wants to save fuel for French motorists

To save money and emit less CO2, motorists can opt for “alternative routes” offered by the application in addition to the fastest route. This is a feature that should interest the French concerned about their ecological footprint, and perhaps even more those who need to save money in view of galloping inflation. Google Maps is … Read more

the site of the oil tanker marred by accident

By Tom Kerkour Posted 57 minutes ago, Update just now Google is investigating the source of the incident. Screenshot A text criticizing the position of TotalEnergies vis-à-vis Russia is attached to its official site. “Total is not only a profiteer of the crisis: its profits are made on human lives by supplying fuel to Russian … Read more

Bitcoin drops below $20,000

Cryptocurrency is a victim of US monetary policy. The value of the queen of cryptocurrencies continues to drop. This Monday, August 29, the value of bitcoin fell below the symbolic level of 20,000 dollars. One token is worth around $19,526 (-5%), the lowest value since July 13. Other digital currencies like Ethereum also fell. This … Read more

Google attacked before the CNIL for its advertising emails

Google “sends unsolicited emails to Gmail users straight to their inbox,” says Noyb. The association for the defense of the privacy of Internet users Noyb has filed a complaint with the Cnil against the advertising emails sent by Google to users of its Gmail email service, it announced on Wednesday. The Cnil confirmed the filing … Read more

Google accuses two dads of child pornography, for taking naked photos of their child for the pediatrician

Both fathers lost access to their contacts, email, photos and other documents. wolterke / Google’s automated tool that detects sensitive content can sometimes be wrong, but the accounts themselves remain blocked and deleted. Stupor for Mark*, an American citizen, when he receives a notification from Google. “It appears that this account has been used … Read more

Another sharp fall in the price of bitcoin

The value of the queen of cryptocurrencies fell by 7.7% this Friday morning. While its price had stabilized and analysts thought it had bottomed out, bitcoin slipped again this Friday morning. At 6:30 a.m., the price of the queen of cryptocurrencies fell by 7.7%, leading the value of a token to 21,404 dollars (21,218 euros). … Read more

Microsoft and Google also suffer, but reassure Wall Street

By Chloe Woitier Posted 1 hour ago, Update 1 hour ago The two American giants have reassured the financial markets. Goodpics – / Morad HEGUI / Mariakray – Despite a slowdown in their growth, the two groups remain solid in their core businesses. Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief. While an economic … Read more

Alphabet (Google) sees its growth slow and its net profit drop to $16 billion in the second quarter

From April to June, the Californian group achieved $69.7 billion in sales, representing growth of 13%, its lowest rate since the second quarter of 2020. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, saw its net profit drop 13% year on year to $16 billion in the second quarter, amid tighter advertising budgets due to the economic … Read more

Android: Google will finally roll out this handy audio feature

With the release of the Pixel Buds Pro, Google is finally launching automatic audio switching for Android. Yes, it might seem like a small improvement, but if you frequently switch audio sources for your headphones, this update is likely to improve your phone experience a lot. Unfortunately for now, the feature is only available on … Read more

In London, the data centers of Google and Oracle could not withstand the heat

By Louis Madelaine Published on 20/07/2022 at 9:00 p.m., Update on 20/07/2022 at 9:00 p.m. Google’s cloud servers suffered from the heat wave. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP London data centers were not calibrated to operate in such high temperatures. If humans, animals and vegetation suffer from heat waves, machines are not spared either. The effects of the … Read more