Top 15 facts as true as they are disgusting about the human body

There are a lot of phobias around the human body: hematophobia (fear of blood), genophobia (fear of the penis)(yes yes), apopathophobei (fear of poo or pooping) or bacteriophobia (the fear of bacteria). Well, if you are one of those people, I strongly advise you to stop here. This top is based on the story of … Read more

Google Maps helps users save money

Google Maps does more than just find directions. Thanks to Google data, and the use of artificial intelligence, the application can also help you avoid crowded transport, traffic jams, or even know the peak hours of a place. Google Maps will now help you plan your trip better with a new feature that will add … Read more

Come and test the skates of the future in Amiens on June 10th afternoon!

INNOVATION At the head of Atmosgear, Mohamed Soliman, an engineer at the Compi├Ęgne University of Technology, imagined electrically assisted rollerblades, animated by the movements of the skater. He has just launched his Tour de France and will spend this afternoon, Friday June 10, at the Maison de la culture in Amiens. Come and test them! … Read more