T’choupi at the school of cryptocurrencies: for its 30th anniversary, the children’s magazine launches its NFTs

The cryptocurrency market is crashing on the reef of our collective illusions lost in recent weeks? Regardless, today we are surprised to discover that not everyone is afraid of the bear market and that the most improbable projects continue to swarm. If you liked La Poste’s collection of NFTs allowing you to buy a photo of your beloved postman on Binance, you’ll love today’s new initiative: T’choupi launches into NFTs. Yes, you read that right.

Reddit was the first to relay this improbable incursion into Web3: so here is the famous youth hero with the look of a strangely dowdy penguin and probably too old to continue proudly wearing vintage overalls celebrating his 30th birthday.

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On this occasion, and in partnership with the Kalart platform, the public is therefore invited to rush to a limited collection of NFTs featuring the most epic moments in T’choupi’s life: who has never dreamed of spending 250 euros? to be able to store a screen of T’Choupi at the beach on your wallet, will you tell me?

But rest assured NFT aficionados: 30 ultra-rare NFTs tmtc are even available at a price of 1000 euros each. For this opulent investment, the happy owner will have the joy of receiving at his home “the reproduction of an unpublished graphic work by the creator of T’choupi Thierry Courtin created especially for the project and numbered, signed by the hand of the author, dedicated and framed”according to the project’s sales page.

To avoid spoiling anything, the project page also explains that in the event of the sale of all the NFTs in the series, the owners of the famous sesame will have the right to be “invited to the Metaverse to celebrate T’choupi’s birthday. “. A funny idea, certainly. But some would say that nostalgia is priceless.

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