Teaching behind-the-scenes technology to children

The children program their own game or website during the three days of camp. © CodeCamp

The children program their own game or website during the three days of camp. © CodeCamp

Published on 30.05.2022

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Heart stroke ” Louis Berthele is the organizer of Code Camps, programming camps for children between the ages of 7 and 13 in French-speaking Switzerland.

“Everything in this job pleases me,” begins Louis Berthele. “It’s a mixture of creativity and technique, we make friends and we help each other,” he continues. This is how the 22-year-old computer science student describes the Code Camps, of which he has been the organizer for French-speaking Switzerland since October 2021. During school holidays and for three consecutive days, children between the ages of 7 and 13 have the opportunity to learn the basics of computer programming. At the end of the camp, they will have created their own video game or their own website.

“Even if children don’t want to go into IT, if they’re not pros, having a vision of how IT works is very valuable,” comments Louis. “We are still in the role of technology consumer, without knowing what is going on behind it. There, the children see behind the scenes, they take on the role of creator.”

During these three days, the children are accompanied by teachers, computer science students, they are followed personally from start to finish. And if the interest in the computer world pursues the children even after these days of training, the camp offers private lessons to further deepen their knowledge of programming. “I only had positive feedback,” rejoices Louis. “Parents tell me that their children love it. I hope they also tell their friends about it and that the camp gets better known!” jokes the Fribourgeois.

“It’s incredible to watch the children when they suddenly understand the meaning of what they are doing, when they have the click”, smiles Louis. Because no, no knowledge is required to join the camp. Girls, boys, beginners and experts are welcome. “I hope that my vision of the project and its potential can develop. These are events, camps of high quality in all aspects”, concludes Louis with a smile. “It’s about discovering a new world, it’s fun, there’s an exchange between generations and the children make new friends! It has huge potential.”

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