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Technip Energies and Shell Catalysts & Technologies (Shell) build on their successful collaboration by strengthening their strategic alliance, which aims to promote cost-effective, large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects by combining cutting-edge technology and excellence in project management.

The strategic alliance consists of an integrated collaboration for the promotion, commercialization, supply of technology under license and the joint realization of projects using Shell’s CANSOLV(1) CO2 capture technology, which will reduce the costs of investment and operating customers.

The two organisations, which have been working together since 2012, share a common goal of contributing to the acceleration of the energy transition. By strengthening their collaboration, they aim to respond effectively to the growing CCS market and the significant need for affordable and proven solutions.

In addition to its CANSOLV technology, Shell Catalysts & Technologies brings CCS experience to the alliance, acquired through its support of Shell projects. Technip Energies, which also has significant experience in CCS, brings its experience in terms of complete management and implementation of projects: detailed preliminary design engineering (FEED), engineering, supply of equipment and construction (EPC ), commissioning and start-up as well as services related to operation. As an example of this collaboration, Technip Energies recently won an EPC contract from Hafslund Oslo Celsio for the world’s first carbon capture and storage project at a waste-to-energy plant in Oslo, Norway, using carbon capture technology. CANSOLV CO2 from Shell.

Arnaud Pieton, Managing Director of Technip Energies, said: The two organizations are recognized world leaders in the field of energy, bringing complementary skills for CCS and sharing a common and ambitious vision of the energy transition. Strengthening our collaboration will make CCS more affordable by developing industrial-scale solutions. This will help meet the growing demand for CCS across all sectors, industries and regions of the world and help us make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.

Yuri Sebregts, Executive Vice President Technology at Shell, said: Our current cooperation has already unlocked several significant improvements. For example, we were able to find ways to make CANSOLV technology less energy-intensive and developed opportunities for modularization and standardization of solutions. Therefore, we are able to offer lower capital and operating costs to our customers.

In June 2022, Technip Energies joined Shell’s Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA) to form a joint team. This follows Shell’s decision to transform the site, previously known as Shell Technology Center Amsterdam, into an open innovation campus and to invite external parties to locate there and work together on cleaner energy solutions. . Over the next few years, the joint team installed at ETCA will continue to work on cost reduction improvements through joint value delivery and improvement programs.

(1) CANSOLV is a registered trademark of Shell.

About Technip Energies

Technip Energies (PARIS: TE) is a leading engineering and technology company serving the energy transition, with leading positions in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), hydrogen and ethylene and with a strong presence in the growing blue and green hydrogen markets, sustainable chemistry and CO2 management. The company benefits from its strong project delivery model, supported by an extensive offering of technologies, products and services.

With a presence in 34 countries, our 15,000 employees are fully committed to bringing our customers’ innovative projects to life, pushing the limits of what is possible to accelerate the energy transition towards a better future.

Technip Energies is listed on Euronext Paris with American Depositary Receipts (ADR) negotiated at will in the United States.

About Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies, part of Shell, is a leading technology licensor, bringing innovative owner-operator capabilities to market. The company has more than 1,200 references for gas treatment technologies in gas plants and refineries around the world.

It supports Shell businesses and beyond, working with them to co-create integrated and customized solutions including licensed technologies, refining and petrochemical catalysts, and technical services.

It was born from the association of Shell Global Solutions, a technology licensor with a proven track record in implementing pioneering processing schemes and innovative configurations, Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, the world’s largest supplier of catalysts for hydrotreating, and CRI Catalyst Company, a pioneer in the petrochemical catalyst industry.

It operates across the entire energy value chain: from gas and liquefied natural gas processing, to refining and petrochemicals.

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