Techno-struggles against techno-police: how to resist the influence of technology?

Faced with the influence of digital in our lives and the development of surveillance technologies, protest is organized.

Nicolas Celnik is a journalist and author, with Fabien BenoƮt, of Techno-struggles. Survey of those who resist technology (Seuil, 2022), a book that gives a voice to those who fight against the digitization of their existence: who are they, what are their motivations and what are their means of action? From the opposition to surveillance cameras to the fight against 5G antennas, passing through the refusal of connected agriculture, the survey traces, in the four corners of France, the paths of those who wish to re-establish a relationship force in the deployment of new technologies.

Eda, member of La Quadrature du Net, who has been fighting for fifteen years to defend individual freedoms, especially on the Internet. In particular, it participates in the “Technopolice” campaign launched by LQDN in 2019, which aims to make visible, question and challenge the deployment of surveillance devices in public spaces. Eda is particularly active in the local Technopolice collective in Marseille, which organizes various actions to analyze and fight against local surveillance systems, but which also recently organized with LQDN the first Technopolice festival, three days of meetings, screenings and debates around surveillance technologies (

The meeting will take place in the premises of the independent publishing house Wildproject, which since 2008 has been carrying out essential work to publicize the thoughts of ecology.

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