Techno-struggles, investigation of those who resist technology

  • Presentation of the book by its publisher:

Tired of being everywhere filmed and policed ? Fed up with all-digital ? You are not alone. While the digitization of the world seems inevitable, accelerated by the Covid pandemic, oppositions are multiplying: resistance to 5G, fight against the deployment of surveillance technologies, contestation of the computerization of school and agriculture high tech »calling into question a history of progress written by the victors… But who are those who oppose the digitization of the world? ? What are their reasons and their means of struggle ? This investigation questions these new ecologists, who affirm that a future other than that of Big Brother is possible. They contest the technologization of the world, inseparable for them from capitalism and productivism, and imagine a new form of social movement, without excluding the horizon of sabotage. While answering these many questions, this informed book reveals the revival of the critique of technology, a crucial component of the ecological movement.

  • Fabien Benoit is a journalist and documentary filmmaker for Arte. He is the author of The World explained to old people: Facebook (10/18, 2013) and The Valley, a political history of Silicon Valley (The Arenas, 2019).
  • Nicolas Celnik is a freelance journalist and regular contributor to the Idées de Releasewhere he follows the issues of political ecology.
Techno-struggles — Survey of those who resist technologyby Fabien Benoît and Nicolas Celnik, published by Seuil/Reporterre, September 2022, 240 p., 12 euros.

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