Technology: a futuristic wine cellar… for your sneakers!

by Rino Gallo

The LG brand is launching two futuristic devices that promise to enhance, clean and preserve your sneakers for longer. We explain how it works.

Do you accumulate pairs of shoes in your dressing room? Would you like to find a beautiful setting to showcase your favorite sneakers? You just have to trust the technology and its evolution, which is proving more and more surprising. And for good reason, as part of the IFA trade show dedicated to new technologies and household appliances, organized in Berlin last September, the famous South Korean brand LG presented its Styler ShoeCase, a piece of furniture with a modular design allowing you to organize and to store up to twelve pairs of shoes, as well as its ShoeCare, a futuristic box that offers an integral cleaning of your sneakers.

Two atypical innovations that promise to please collectors, but also design fans and cleanliness enthusiasts. In fact, the Styler ShoeCase comes in the form of a large square box with three glass walls. In addition to protecting your shoes from moisture, these walls help filter UV rays that could damage them. For even more optimal conservation, the internal temperature of the device can be adjusted via an application to be downloaded on your smartphone. The box also has a 360 degree turntable as well as several customizable LED lights to enhance its contents.

Cool sneakers

For its part, the ShoeCare is able to store up to four pairs. Thanks to its “TrueSteam” technology integrating a ventilation, deodorization and steam device, the device keeps your shoes fresh for longer. In total, there are ten washing programs, designed and adapted to the different fabrics of your shoes, with the aim of absorbing humidity and eliminating bad smells. The cleaning can also last between 35 to 54 minutes depending on the program chosen, and emits only 35dB once activated, according to LG. A top-of-the-range device that will give a boost to the pairs that you particularly like.

The Styler ShoeCase and the ShoeCare intrigue you? You will have to be a little patient. For the moment, LG has not yet communicated on the date of sale and the exact price of the two devices. In the meantime, the brand offers, in the same line, its LG Styler, a connected cabin allowing you to refresh, dry and smooth your clothes that need it.

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