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An innovative alarm system based on artificial intelligence technology has just been launched. The goal? Help keep climbers safe in climbing gyms.

In a world where smart technologies are taking more and more place in our daily lives, “sport should be no exception, especially when it comes to safety” said Walltopia, a world leader in the climbing, adventure and leisure sectors. This is why its subsidiary Techtopia is launching the first intelligent climbing alarm system, called Higher-Eye. After being installed and tested at Walltopia’s headquarters for months, this innovative system is now available to order.

All climbing gym owners will tell you that safety is their top priority. Yet, no matter how qualified your staff, human errors will always happen. Even more so in recent years, where there are more indoor climbers than ever. »

Dian Deskov, CEO of Techtopia

And these “human errors” often consist of a person starting to climb without being attached to automatic reels for example. With the deployment of these belay devices that allow climbing alone, the risk of accidents has multiplied.

The Higher Eye device then makes it possible to provide 360° surveillance inside a climbing gym, to detect potentially dangerous behavior and to identify risky areas.

“No matter what prevention panels are placed at the foot of the walls, there will always be people who forget to attach themselves to the automatic retractor. We are happy that climbing is now more accessible and more popular than ever, but with the opening of climbing gyms to a wider audience, we have also become more vulnerable to human error”explain the professional supervisors of the halls of Walltopia. “We needed a smarter system that was easy to install and use, and effective to give immediate signals to climbing room supervisors when there is dangerous activity on the walls. »

All these criteria are met by Higher Eye technology, which provides real-time analysis based on video images. These cameras can be installed anywhere inside a climbing gym. Artificial intelligence detects dangerous behavior, sends the information to the server and activates a sound and laser signal at the precise location where the risky activity is taking place.

Other apps

In addition to enhancing climber safety, the Higer Eye collects data to help venue managers and staff optimize their work.

For example, the Higher Eye generates statistics on the routes, which makes it possible to see which are the favorite routes of the climbers, or even the average time of ascent of each route, the places where the climbers fall most often, the areas where climbers spend the most time, etc.

But that’s not all. The device also generates personalized information for each climber, allowing them to view and download the recording of their climb and optimize their strategy and movements.

Finally, the Higher Eye also has great potential for use in preventing accidents on the streets – at crossroads or at public transport stations and generally anywhere video and image systems may be used to avoid human error.

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