Technology “alone” to “save” us from climate change: an outdated creed!

For its 18th edition, the Forum of 100 organized by Time will explore Switzerland’s relations with the rest of the world through five chapters. Cybersecurity will be one of the topics discussed during a debate bringing together the head of the Swiss army Thomas Süssli, the director general of Swisscom Christoph Aeschlimann and the federal prosecutor in charge of these issues Yves Nicolet. The Forum des 100 will take place on October 11 at EPFL. Information and registration: all our articles on the themes of the Forum des 100

Since the Meadows Report of 1972, the Charney Climate Report of 1979, countless climate summits and recent IPCC reports, the discourse that technologies will save us from global warming remains widespread, if not dominant. In other words, we would not need to change our energy-consuming behaviors in terms of carbon footprint, extraction of resources necessary for the very manufacture of our technologies. Against the backdrop of war in Europe, health threats, inflation, fuel poverty and explosions of social disparities, let’s not change anything! And let’s not invoke the idea of ​​questioning – not to say interior transition – in our summary reflections: let us continue without scruple to deforest, over-consume and calmly destroy the living! Let us not be unnecessarily alarmed: it will be enough to “save” us to find a magic formula capable of producing carbon absorption at the edge of our polluting industries and everything will be fine in the best of all possible worlds!

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