technology as a tool that can both facilitate and prevent human trafficking

In this context, UNODC and IOM intend to renew their commitment to support and support the Chadian government’s efforts to fight, effectively and efficiently, against this criminal practice in all its forms. The commemoration of this day has made it possible to raise awareness among political decision-makers and populations, in particular young people, women and children, on the risks associated with the use and abuse of technology in the context of human trafficking. That said, trafficking in human beings can take very different forms of exploitation and cover very disparate realities.

Rotta Dingamadji Carlos, Director of Legislation and Monitoring of Agreements at the Chadian Ministry of Justice, said that such a day is essential to raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking, to promote and protect their rights. The latter explains that human trafficking is a major crime and a serious violation of human rights. “Each year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own country and abroad; because all the countries of the world are affected”he recalled.

According to him, over the last 5 years, a finding has been made. Traffickers and human trafficking networks exploit foreign victims in Chad for the purposes of domestic or sexual exploitation. And to continue that the traffickers also exploit Chadian victims abroad for the purpose of economic exploitation in forced or sexual labor, in particular women and children.

For the representative of the IOM, François Xavier, trafficking is a crime that is not often talked about. It exists here in Chad; we must talk about it and fight together. François Xavier points out that many of the victims of human trafficking are migrants, whether within their country or internationally. He indicates that since 2020, IOM has produced multifaceted assistance of up to 900 people, mostly men who have been victims of human trafficking or all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Transmitting the message of the Secretary General of the United Nations, the representative of UNODC, Libère Ntamashimikiro, underlines that trafficking in human beings is a despicable crime. The problem continues to worsen especially for women and girls who constitute the majority of victims of trafficking in the world. He further noted that millions of people are left destitute, isolated, exposed to horrific conflict, displacement and poverty. Libère Ntamashimikiro informed that human traffickers take advantage of fragilities, using advanced technologies to operate, track, control and exploit victims.


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