Technology at the service of agriculture

Transforming agriculture by guaranteeing healthy food and a sustainable approach, with respect for the limits of resources, turns out to be the main concern and objective of this Moroccan startup. Fellah Tech was born from the ambition of two founders motivated by the moral obligation to protect the environment. Specialized in the field of AgriTech, they combine innovative methods and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize and develop African agriculture while respecting the environment.

The objective behind the creation of this new concept is explained in a statement by Amine Reda El Bikri, general manager of the startup, where he states that “in order to meet the environmental and economic challenges of the agricultural world, Fellah Tech designs and produces locally autonomous electric, light, powerful and precise microtractors. The Fellah Bot is the first advanced prototype being tested by our partners. Configurable via an ergonomic mobile application, it makes it possible to perform targeted mechanical tasks (weeding, planting, transport) and collect crucial data while respecting the environment and in complete autonomy”.

The concept of Agri Tech refers to the use of technology in agriculture, particularly using software, through automation and data analysis, to improve yield, efficiency and profitability. of the agricultural sector. However, not limiting themselves to these links in the agricultural chain, specialists in this field also tackle access to financing for small producers or agri-food processing operations.

This agriculture, modernized by digital technologies, contributes to the reduction of production costs and the quantity of inputs such as (water, energy, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.), thus helping to improvement of the competitiveness of the entire production chain. The managing director seems quite optimistic and confident about the potential markets. He is aware of the weight of this sensitive and important status. He takes charge of the projects of this first African startup which designs and produces autonomous microtractors, while trying to target organic farming, despite the constraints encountered.

He concludes that the current Moroccan organic agricultural area represents for Fellah Tech a potential of more than 500 machines in circulation, something that will strongly contribute to expanding their solution to the entire agricultural sector, by developing new functionalities and expanding the fleet. of robots for the sale of services.


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