Technology at the service of pedagogy

Born from the pooling of the knowledge and skills of four entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds, driven by an ambitious vision, Phineo helps employees and companies to harmonize within a constantly changing market.

To enable employees to adapt to the needs and constant changes of the labor market, training, acquiring and putting into practice new skills is now a major challenge.

To respond to this with maximum efficiency, the State set up Qualiopi certification on January 1, 2022, the objective of which is to ensure that the trainee’s needs are at the heart of the training process. Since the beginning of the year, there has been a purge of the training market, which had become the new Eldorado of unscrupulous businessmen.

A new kind of training center

Phineo pursues an ideal: that of being able to provide everyone with an individualized training course by combining quality, technology and response to needs.

For this, the training center has adopted the codes of start-ups and developed its own platform, allowing it to adapt its expertise in educational engineering at leisure.

On the team side, Phineo is also thinking big. The organization has, in fact, set up a legal and compliance unit in order to anticipate future developments at Qualiopi.

Finally, the teams of developers are already working on the production of the next versions of the application embedding advanced technologies to further increase the immersion in the training.

Technology at the service of pedagogy Phineo

Innovative teaching methods

It is clear that the majority of training offers offered remotely are now standardized. In this context, the content is pre-recorded, the training courses are consumed like YouTube videos and the structures move away from the real needs of their trainees.

However, in terms of training, the teaching methods used are as important as the quality of the knowledge taught. This is where the platform developed by Phineo stands out. By offering content that adapts to the trainee’s objectives and development, it ensures that it adheres to the requirements of Qualiopi certification, while having a crucial impact on the ability to memorize and retain information at long term.

Between learning and interactivity

Phineo’s approach aims to solicit the trainee at key times of the day with content that is always adapted to his level, his objectives and his desires.

The pedagogical method developed aims for a balance between the learning of theoretical notions, essential to the discovery of new knowledge, and the interactivity allowing them to be fixed over time.

In doing so, Phineo intends to bring a new skill-building experience to the professional world.

The human at the heart of the machine

At the heart of the training process, we find, of course, the trainee, but also his trainer. Phineo managers make it a point of honor that they can devote all their working time to developing their knowledge and improving their training course. For this, the structure is betting on a win-win deal: allowing him to optimize his time thanks to the commercial and administrative teams, as well as to technology, while he devotes himself to the development of ever more individualized courses.

If this formula has already won over many trainers with varied expertise, Phineo is constantly looking for new talent in order to support each trainee in the success of their professional project.


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