Technology at the service of people: towards healthier air in the passenger compartments of our cars

Whether to protect against pollution or viruses, but also to reassure passengers in the event of long journeys or carpooling, everything is done to have the purest possible air inside the cabin of his car. Manufacturers have understood this and are increasingly numerous to offer solutions.

The latest is Volvo, which has just unveiled a sophisticated new air purification technology, supposed to meet the expectations of all those who today suffer from allergies, asthma or even air pollution. The idea is that all the passengers of these future models benefit from clean air to breathe throughout their journey.


This Air Purifier (CleanZone Advanced) will soon be offered, as an option, to the new models of the 60 and 90 ranges. It will promise to eliminate up to 99.9% of pollen allergens from grasses, trees and herbaceous from the incoming air. Generally speaking, this solution will also retain up to 95% of PM2.5 fine particles, including most airborne viruses, through a synthetic fiber filter and ionization process.

It should also be noted that the majority of models leaving the factory today are equipped with a pollen level and outside air quality indicator, which can be seen on the vehicle’s central screen.

Ultraviolet sterilization device

But Volvo is far from the only manufacturer involved in this trend. Last year, Hyundai communicated on a completely different air purification device, directly inspired by aeronautics and sophisticated airflow management systems installed on board aircraft.

Here, the ultraviolet sterilization device activates once the passengers leave the vehicle. Sterilization lamps then ensure the elimination of bacteria and potential viruses present in the passenger compartment, in particular on the control joystick, the storage drawer in the first row of seats and the speakers.

Let it be said, the air we will breathe in the car of the future will be cleaner than ever.

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