Technology at the service of the world’s water

Presented by a Cameroonian magazine as an indomitable lion because of his origins, Olivier Njamfa is Sylvain Fievet’s new guest in Numérique4ever. The CEO of 7Mountains mentions in particular his humanitarian commitment to fight against the lack of water in the world.

Olivier Njamfa is not only an entrepreneur and an investor, he is also a committed personality. Especially on the subject of water, a fight that particularly affects him. “This is the sixth emergency of the UNhe says. It is not just sub-Saharan countries that are short of water. It’s a big topic for everyone.”. He thus created the Aquavera foundation, whose objective is to buy machines that transform air into water. “Technology must play a major role in the problem of water in the world”he assures.

Who is Olivier Njamfa?

Of French and British nationality, Olivier Njamfa is a successful CEO, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist at Aquavera and investor in international technology companies. For more than 25 years, he has used his leadership in developing and executing impactful strategies with the various start-ups he has created or financed. He managed to lead them to international expansion and profitable releases.

About 7Mountains

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