Technology: Bang Welegre, an entirely Burkinabè software to facilitate business management

Commercial enterprises are being created at the same rate as they are closing every day in Burkina Faso. Mismanagement is one of the biggest reasons for these failures. It is with the aim of addressing this concern of many traders that Nafann, a technology and strategic business support company has designed the Bang Welegre software. We approached the developers of this technological innovation to find out more. The marketing manager of the Nafaan company, Bassirou Nana, in an interview, enlightened us on the operation and use of Bang Wélegre. How did the idea of ​​creating the Bang Welegre software come about and when was it born?

Bassirou Nana: This software was born from an observation that our team made during its field trips. We have noticed that most merchants have difficulties related to managing their trading activities. This is how we have matured the reflection to lead to the design of the Bang Welegre software which means “knowing how to make sense of things”. This project had been underway for a long time but the official launch took place last September.

What need does Bang Welegre meet and what are its main targets?

Traders sometimes find it difficult to manage their business. The management of cash and expenses, customer loyalty are all difficulties encountered. This software therefore aims to provide effective solutions. It is a technology that is aimed at any type of business without any distinction.

How does this software work and what strategies are in place to facilitate its proper functioning?

Bang Welegre exists in three forms. There is the “cloud” version which works entirely with the internet connection and the local version which requires the installation of certain hardware within the company but which does not need an internet connection. The third version is the semi-local version which can be used with or without an internet connection depending on your geographical location. To facilitate the use and proper functioning of this technology, we have set up a customer support system made up of a community of account managers. These are automatically assigned to each trade that uses the software. When a customer subscribes to our offers, he automatically receives training from his account manager to learn how to use the software. These managers are permanently available to assist the client, even at the end of the training. This is a free follow-up we offer as we have noticed that software support in Burkina Faso is still lacking. It is therefore a strategy that we have implemented to facilitate the use of our software. Read more

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