Technology. Meta launches a “metaverse academy” in France at the start of the 2022 academic year

Meta, parent company of Facebook, and Simplon, a school training in digital professions, will launch in France at the start of the 2022 school year a “metaverse academy”, announced the two organizations in a joint press release.

Considered by the digital giants as the next great technological leap in the evolution of the Internet, the “metaverse” designates an immersive digital universe, supposed to extend physical reality via augmented or virtual reality and to take the web from 2D to 3D.

Training in metaverse professions

This future school will be “free, territorial, innovative” and focused on “employability”, assured Laurent Solly, vice-president of Southern Europe of Meta.

“Our objective is to train around a hundred students for the first year in two professions in the metaverse. The first, a developer specializing in immersive technologies, the second support/assistance technician,” he added.

The pedagogy “will not be centered in itself on the use of the metaverse, it is something which remains rather vague. We will only be interested in 3D and interaction in universes; it will be a pedagogy by face-to-face projects”, according to Frédéric Bardeau, co-founder and president of Simplon.

Four promotions in France

Present in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice, this “metaverse academy” intends to train 20 students per city and per class, with particular attention to diversity and the place of women. “We are looking for people from all populations, and our goal is to have 30% women in this first class,” explained Laurent Solly.

“We assume the “positive discrimination” and “diversity” side, we do not look at CVs”, underlined Frédéric Bardeau for his part.

In October 2021, Meta announced its intention to create 10,000 jobs in Europe over the next five years to build the metaverse, the American group’s new strategic priority. An ambition that should make it possible to meet the future demand of companies looking for skills and trades related to the metaverse.

“80% of the professions of 2030 have not yet been invented, so it is now that we have to do it”, underlined the two partners again.

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