Technology: meta launches improved avatars on WhatsApp as well as new features to optimize calls

To end 2022 in style and start the New Year with joy and good cheer, Meta announced the implementation of new features on WhatsApp to allow its 2 billion users around the world to express their desires in innovative ways through customization and Add express accessories to their avatars. In fact, on the one hand, avatars offer the possibility of sharing desires in a fun and fast way; On the one hand, people who are separated from their families during these festive seasons can now organize audio and video calls on WhatsApp that can integrate up to 32 people.

WhatsApp users can now create their own digital versions by choosing from billions of haircuts, facial features and outfit combinations. It is also possible to use the avatars as WhatsApp profile picture or choose one of 36 personalized stickers reflecting many different emotions and actions. In this regard, Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page: “We brought avatars to WhatsApp! You can now use your avatar as a sticker in chats. More styles will be available in all our apps soon. »

Avatars are also a fun way to represent yourself without using a photo, giving a more private feel to sharing. For many users, this will be their first avatar creation. Meta will continue to make styling improvements including lighting, shading, hair textures, and other elements that will make avatars look better over time.

Meta has also made several other improvements, including WhatsApp calling, which allows users around the world to securely connect with their loved ones, colleagues, and communities. New features have been implemented to facilitate communication during a group call, such as B. Video calls that can include up to 32 people from a mobile phone, ie 4 times more users than before. Also, WhatsApp users have the option to mute or message participants by long-pressing on a participant’s window while the call remains in progress. WhatsApp also has the option to invite people to a group call by simply sharing the call link.

In addition to these new features implemented on WhatsApp, Meta has made several design changes to provide users with a smoother calling experience, such as: B. Colored waveforms that make it possible to identify the person speaking, even if their camera is off. WhatsApp also offers notification banners that appear when someone joins a group call.

Calls on WhatsApp are still end-to-end encrypted by default to ensure the privacy and security of all users.

To learn more about using avatars on WhatsApp, you can check the following link.

To learn more about the new calling features, you can consult the link below.

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