Technology removed in the sixth

In the students’ timetable, this subject is replaced by one hour of specialization in mathematics and French.

higher education reform, “Sick Man of the System” according to Minister of National Education and Youth Pap Ndiaye. From the start of the school year in September 2023, some changes will be made. The famous weekly French or Maths reinforcement lesson for 6th graders is introduced. At the expense of technology.

The four-hour block, which today combines physics and chemistry, life and earth sciences and technology in the 6th grade, will be “reconfigured” in this sense we say to the ministry. The technique is now learned from the fifth grade. The idea is “try the technique a little later, when the basics are well learned”, we explain. This makes possible “release the time equal to the support hour“.

“Pseudopedagogical Arguments”

“A sleight of hand that shows how reforms are designed in the ministrycreaks Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of the secondary school teachers’ union Snes-FSU. With funds constant, the ministry decides to remove a discipline at some point in the school“. A disturbing”previously”, according to her. In his eyes, this erasure of technology is also a “Form of renunciation» : “With technology in sixth grade, we began laying the foundations of a common culture for the entire college. We need to educate our students on technology issues!”

We are very strongly opposed to this idea. We must stop making pseudo-pedagogical arguments! We know that the ministry is trying to solve its problems in recruiting techno teachers in this way, Strikes Jean-Rémi Girard at the National Education Staff Union (Snalc). This discipline has always had its place in the student’s career. The program needs to be reviewed, but it is useful for the student’s overall culture and for making the connection to the technological or professional path“.

The ministry explains that technology teachers in the 6th grade can take part in the strengthening lesson. An hour dedicated to the basics of mathematics or French. “In what name could an engineering teacher provide the hour of French or math support? asks Sophie Vénétitay. SI, an SES teacher, was asked for assistance in a subject other than mine, it would be a deception for the students and their parents“.

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The generalized “homework done” system

The hour freed up by the disappearance of technology thus becomes an hour of “Support or deepening for all” to the basics and can be offered by both school teachers and university teachers.

So the Minister wants to allow this “a better link between primary and secondary education, because we know that the step to enter the 6th grade is very difficult, especially for the most gifted students”. “There’s a big issue of continuity between CM2 and sixth grade so students don’t stumble”there is the rue de Grenelle.

Another confirmed change: The “homework done” system will become mandatory in sixth grade. “The goal is that when the student returns home, he or she has no homework to do, or in any case a lot less.”. Started at the end of 2017, “homework done” now affects almost half of the sixth graders. “It’s a proven program. The feedback is very positive”ensures the ministry.


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