Teritori: The Web3 Community Hub

A new blockchain and a community hub have emerged. This is Teritori. This new social project aims to provide a complete experience to decentralized communities by using the strength of freelancers, and by offering a catalog of services and solutions that meet their needs. New applications and social features to communicate and animate its community will soon see the light of day as well. Decryption.

A blockchain and a token with multiple uses

It is from SDKs Cosmos that the Teritori Network blockchain was born. It allows in particular to activate the IBC technology. The latter is a protocol that allows communication between different blockchains and therefore to link different crypto ecosystems and their respective communities. It was this detail in particular that sent the core team from Teritori to Cosmos.

The Teritori blockchain also has its own governance token: the TORI.

The TORI will allow its holders to vote on the strategic choices of the network. They will also be able to use most of the services and applications present on the Hub thanks to it, and to propose the integration of new functionalities or applications after its launch.

Below is a diagram that summarizes the different uses of the TORI token:

Teritori’s social hub for quality communication

Imagine: you want to chat with your colleagues, family or friends. You then create a group via one of the Teritori hub applications. When it is created, the group will be attached to a token. It can be a collection NFT or a CW20 token launched on the Teritori chain.

Thanks to this token, your group will be secure because only the holders of said token will be able to access it. In addition, all votes concerning the publication of news on the Social Feed, the recruitment of a developer on the Job Board Teritori or the launch of an NFT project on the launchpad, as well as the organization, may be do directly on the group. Finally, if your group wants to step up a gear and grow, you will have access to the services listed on the dAppstore.

Above all, Teritori wants to simplify interactions between communities and stimulate the creation of new projects. Here are some examples of applications that will be added to the hub over time:

  • To start, the launchpad and the NFT marketplace. They will allow creators to launch their projects and list their collections on Teritori Network as well as other networks like Ethereum and Solana over time. The marketplace will rely on the quality of the projects listed and the multi-chain approach. This will allow it to help new networks, as well as those with limited volume, to spread their projects as we have already seen on other marketplaces.
  • Then it will be the turn of the social features of the platform to come out. They will allow users and communities to modify their private and public profiles in order to maintain control over the disclosure of their information. In the future, the user experience can also be personalized by displaying the most relevant applications on the users’ personal hub. Finally, Territory experience and skills certification systems are being developed. They will allow teams to coordinate effectively and easily search for interesting profiles for onboarding.
  • Finally, there is the Berty protocol. This will provide Teritori with a decentralized P2P alternative for communication applications that are used massively every day. This will also allow the creation of the famous groups “ token gated “.


It is an ambitious project that Teritori offers us with its blockchain and its social hub. Despite the current bear market, the team wants to tackle complex issues and prove its motivation. There is no doubting its success in view of its all-in-one approach to meeting the needs of the individuals and communities to which it is addressed. Its launch is also imminent, since the mainnet will be launched this month as well as the first version of its platform. To learn more about the project, you can consult the white paperand to not miss anything, you can follow them on the website, Twitter and Discord or simply by going to their Linktree.

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