Tesla (re)invents wipers with technology that uses lasers

If it’s raining and you’re in your car, your windshield wipers will turn on automatically and work intermittently depending on the intensity of the rain. Some cars still come with manual wipers, but they’re trending away in favor of automatic ones. While Tesla has just patented a new generation of laser wipers, this invention, originally seemed useless to the builders Cars. Invented by Mary Anderson, an American farmer in 1903, they had been declared not for sale. Today we couldn’t live without it, and Tesla is moving into the future with its laser wipers. Discovery.

What are Tesla’s laser wipers?

As so often with the Tesla company, the idea is something crazy and very futuristic. For about two years, we knew that Musk’s company was working on a new technology automatic cleaning of dirt thanks to laser beams. At the end of 2021 they made it received a patent for their new laser wipers. In this patent application, Tesla states that it is a “ A cleaning system for a vehicle includes a beam optics assembly that emits a laser beam to irradiate an area on a glass article of the vehicle. A dirt detection circuit that detects dirt that has accumulated in the area and a control circuit. “.

Tesla received a patent that uses laser beams to remove dirt from the windshield. Photo credit: TESLA (patent)

In other words, Tesla envisions cleaning the windshield with laser beams. not rain, but different debris. The patent entitled ” pulsed laser cleaning of deposits accumulated on glassware in vehicles and photovoltaic systems”. so give birth a whole new generation of wipers. We don’t know if this invention will one day be offered for Tesla cars, but the patent is pendingIt’s a certainty!

But by the way, who invented the windshield wiper?

Mary Anderson is an American with many roles: inventor, breeder, real estate developer and winemaker. The story goes that while visiting New York, Mary finds herself on a streetcar during a freezing cold winter. Then she realizes that the driver has to open the window from time to time while driving to be able to clean his windshield. When she returns to Alabama, she hires someone invent a controlled cleaning system for windshields.

Mary Anderson, inventor of the windshield wiper.
Mary Anderson, inventor of (conventional) wipers.

In 1905 she received a patent for her invention, which presented itself as a manually operated system for clean the windshield. The first wipers consisted of a lever inside the vehicle, which must be activated so that a rubber blade comes to clean the window. It is effective, but the young 17-year-old woman does not find an industrialist willing to invest, it must be said that it was uncomfortable. In vehicles that did not yet have power steering, it was even necessary to operate the lever with one hand and thus let go of the steering wheel.

Will the next wipers work with lasers?
Will the next wipers work with lasers? Photo credit: Neozone (generated by AI)

His invention was not lost to everyone!

Mary Anderson would never find a company willing to build her wipers, they believed neither in their usefulness nor in their marketable potential. In 1920, when the patent expired, it was a Hawaiian, Dr. Ormand who invented thiswiper automatic, electric, and it will be necessary to wait until 1964 and the American Robert Kearnsto invent interval wipers. The constructor Cadillac is the first to install mass-produced wipers in 1922 on these cars. It’s hard to imagine that one day this could have been an option anyway, right?

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