The AI ​​artist DALL-E is for everyone in its version 2!

The system for creating artistic images by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is offered to everyone in its version 2. A fun service to be used with moderation in the choice of themes.

Just go to different accounts Twitter dedicated to Dall-E’s creations to have a good time of fun. Dall-E is an image creation service based on keywords. It gives crazy ideas to the 1.5 million people who use it every day. In all, there are more than 2 million images as artistic as they are absurd that Dall-E’s Artificial Intelligence manages to create on a daily basis. A craze that led OpenAI, the creator of Dall-E, to create waiting lists to be able to use Dall-E. To participate in the creation of wacky visual works, we had to wait until now. Because today, it’s over, and this fun service is coming in version 2 and is now open to all users. The service, however, limits the use of AI to 50 creations.

Many Twitter accounts post Dall-E’s wackiest creations.© Twitter

Integrated moderation

To have fun with Dall-E, just create an account from a valid email address. Then, it remains to be imaginative and enter in English only, a sentence explaining what you want to appear in the image. For example, in our illustration, the request was to create a photo of a astronautastronaut riding a horse.

Obviously, by opening its service to everyone, it was necessary to put brakes to avoid abuses. This is why OpenAI emphasizes that its Artificial Intelligence remains controlled and that there are restraints that prevent the abuse of Dall-E’s capabilities. It is not possible, for example, to display pornographic or violent content, or even to use images of public figures. A moderation that other automatic art creation systems do not have. This is for example the case of the Stable service DiffusionDiffusion which is the subject of complaints because of its embezzlement.


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