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L’Alfa Romeo Stelvio evolves in terms of style and technology while remaining true to the brand’s DNA.

the Sporty mid-size SUV Italian displays a new look thanks to its “Trilobo” grille and its Full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights.

On the front, the grille, where the logo is positioned, and the lower grilles of the two main air manifolds receive a unique finish, a contemporary reinterpretation of the characteristic “Trilobo” grille. The “Trilobo” grille creates a family link with the Tonale compact SUV.

The headlights are the main novelty of the front. “3 plus 3” lights make their appearance on the Stelvio SUV with Full-LED adaptive matrix headlamps. The three modules form the light signature of the Stelvio SUV. They support daytime running lights and a dynamic turn signal. They take advantage of the introduction of the“Adaptive Front Lighting System”which continuously adjusts dipped beam depending on speed and driving conditions, and technology “Glare-Free High Beam Segmented”, which, in poor lighting conditions, automatically detects traffic ahead and/or traveling in the opposite direction, to avoid dazzling other cars. They also support the device “ Welcome and Goodbye »a function that activates each time the driver opens or locks the Stelvio SUV.

All this translates into greater safety thanks to less strain on the eyes and increased driving comfort behind the wheel of the Stelvio.

The layout of the LED rear light unit has been redesigned to accentuate the sporty identity of the SUV. The Stelvio features smoked glass taillights with a gloss black finish.

The Stelvio receives a dashboardwith a so-called “cannocchiale” design, fully digital. The dashboard incorporates a fully digital 12.3-inch TFT screen, through which it is possible to access all of the vehicle’s data as well as the parameters related to semi-autonomous driving.

Instrumentation can be configured according to three models : Evolved, Relax and Heritage.

Evolved uses the central area of ​​the screen, while retaining the two side dials.

Relax is devoid of detailed vehicle information and ignores the two side dials.

Heritage is inspired by the brand’s models from the 60s and 70s, with details such as the reversed numbers for speed values ​​above 200 km/h.

The Stelvio is equipped with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to keep all the features at hand.

The infotainment system offers content, functionality and access to “Alfa Connect” services, designed to offer “Over the Air” updates.

The “My Remote” function includes various services such as remote control of certain vehicle functions (door opening/closing, turn signal activation) via smartphone or smartwatch.

NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) technology is available on the Stelvio. The technology is based on the concept of the “blockchain card”, an encrypted and inviolable digital register where the main information on each vehicle is recorded. On request, the NFT generates a certificate in which the data relating to the service life of the vehicle are recorded. The certificate can be used to attest to the proper maintenance of the vehicle when reselling the second-hand vehicle.

The sporty Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV stands out for its dynamic driving experience in an authentic Alfa Romeo spirit. In other words, the right balance between Italian design, high-performance engines, perfect weight distribution, specific technological solutions and an excellent weight/power ratio. From this combination is born the Italian sportiness of the brand.

The sporty behavior of the Stelvio is supported by the massive use of ultralight materials such as aluminum (used for the motors) and carbon (used for the driveshaft).

The all-wheel drive with Q4 technology is designed to manage vehicle traction in a reactive and predictive manner to ensure the highest levels of performance, efficiency and safety.

Q4 technology guarantees the advantages of all-wheel drive combined with great responsiveness and the driving pleasure of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. At the heart of the Q4 system is the Active Transfer Case (ATC) which monitors grip conditions and driver input in real time to ensure the best performance. Alfa Romeo’s Q4 system allows the vehicle to move like pure propulsion, and, if tire grip reaches its limit, or at the driver’s request, it can instantly deliver up to 50% of engine torque at forward in less than 150ms, preventing wheel spin and ensuring maximum performance and driving efficiency.

the limited slip differential enhances the agility and sportiness of the Stelvio. By keeping the wheels under constant control and reducing wheel spin, it guarantees perfect traction for greater vehicle stability when cornering at high speed. It also allows higher lateral acceleration, as well as optimal safety on wet or slippery roads. It is possible to combine the Q4 all-wheel drive with the Q2 mechanical self-locking differential.

The Alfa Link suspensions are exclusive to Alfa.

At the front, a double wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis has been retained, optimizing the filtering effect and allowing quick and precise steering for uncompromising road holding.

At the rear, a four-and-a-half-link multi-link solution provides excellent road holding combined with excellent comfort.

the electromechanical Integrated Braking System (IBS) which combines the stability control and the braking system, guarantees instantaneous brake response, limits the stopping distance, and allows a significant optimization of the mass. The use of the “brake-by-wire” system allows the number of components inside the engine compartment to be reduced, replacing the pump, the brake booster and the ESP in a single piece, thus reducing the mass cantilevered for greater vehicle agility.

The dynamic handling of the Stelvio and its cornering handling are based on precise steering, combined with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox with fixed aluminum paddles.

The Stelvio has assistance systems ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) providing level 2 autonomous driving. The driver can let the vehicle control the accelerator, brake and steering wheel (in certain driving conditions only) via electronic systems requiring constant monitoring on his part . The systems support the driver on long journeys. However, the driver must in all cases maintain control of the vehicle, always having their hands on the steering wheel.

The Stelvio is available in 280 hp petrol with all-wheel drive, 160 hp diesel with rear-wheel drive and 210 hp diesel with all-wheel drive.

The new Stelvio will be available in Alfa Romeo dealerships from February 2023.

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