The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or technology at the service of a “better” society…

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Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas connects the world’s largest high-tech companies with a new generation of startups. A show followed by thousands of journalists and as many social media influencers, but above all by hundreds of thousands of technology and connected electronics enthusiasts who will discover in a preview the main innovations of 2023.

Following the lockdown of the Covid years, the annual Las Vegas technology and electronics mass festival opens its doors to the general public this Thursday, January 5th. On the program this year is an avalanche of cars in search of energy autonomy, but also electric boats and airplanes or even more and more connected agricultural machinery.

Naio Technologies’ Oz robot automates farming tasks and provides farmers with data to help fill labor shortages. AP Ellen Schmidt

More and more gimmicks

Not to mention a series of digital objects endowed with programs of artificial intelligence and controlled directly by mobile applications.

The BMW Vision Dee is able to change color at will.
The BMW Vision Dee is able to change color at will. AP Jack Dempsey

A new category in 2023 appears at the fair, that of Web3, which promises us to surf in 3D, in particular through Metaverse, those immersive universes accessible through Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality but at the moment Internet users are struggling to seduce .

Technology at the service of a “better” society

Some big digital and existential questions will also be discussed during CES plenary sessions. For example, how to seduce consumers with really useful innovations that would make their lives easier in times of inflation, how to use the “available brain time” of internet users to better distribute a maximum of cyber advertising to them, or how AIs with People will work together to automate work without necessarily putting them out of work.

Climate change is also one of the topics discussed at CES with digital sobriety and the presentation of innovations that allow us to air condition all our homes at the right temperature but without wasting energy.

After the Covid-19, the CES in Las Vegas focuses on health

Networked health is one of the major themes at this year’s fair. South Korean company Tenminds promises to stop you from snoring with a pillow that contains four airbags and a sound sensor. The system, activated at the slightest hum, lets you change position.

Franco-European company Withings is unveiling at CES U-Scan, a home-connected urinalysis laboratory that sits on the edge of your toilet bowl. Your urine is then analyzed using a cartridge filled with biological reagents that perform up to 100 different tests. The results are then sent straight to your phone or shared with your doctor.

Demonstration of the U-Scan at the Withings booth during CES, Tuesday, January 3, 2023 in Las Vegas.
Demonstration of the U-Scan at the Withings booth during CES, Tuesday, January 3, 2023 in Las Vegas. AP Rick Bowmer

France is the first foreign delegation to the Las Vegas Motor Show with no fewer than 170 companies traveling to the United States.

200,000 visitors are expected at CES 2023 this year.


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