The Dynabook Portégé X40L is equipped with EyeSafe eye protection technology

The Dynabook Portégé X40L is equipped with EyeSafe eye protection technology

Portégé X40L

Dynabook, the Japanese manufacturer of business laptops, has a strong focus on optimizing its devices for intensive everyday use. The Portégé X40L is the first high-end laptop to incorporate Dynabook’s display technology to suppress blue light emissions while maintaining color fidelity. The Eyesafe-certified IPS display automatically takes care of blue light filtering without the need to install special foils or filters. Eyesafe-certified screens are also planned for other devices, including laptops for young people whose eyes are most sensitive to blue light.

Too much blue light damages the eyes

Blue light is a natural part of life and has a definite positive effect on humans. For example, it wakes us up in the morning, improves our mood and one of the main areas of the human psyche – cognitive functions that allow us to perceive the world, respond appropriately to stimuli, and cope with various tasks. In a natural environment we have just enough to serve us well.

On the other hand, humans have never been exposed to as much blue light as they are today, as electronic screens are also a significant source. According to a 2020 study, people are now spending on average 13 hours a day in front of their computers, phones and TV screens. On a typical day, this means that we are only 3-4 hours during the day without intense exposure to blue light. The pandemic and the associated quarantines and shutdowns have undoubtedly contributed to this state of affairs. All of this also implies a potentially significant threat to our eyesight as the human eye cannot handle blue light.

Children and young people are most at risk

Compared to UV radiation, which the cornea and the lens of the eye can filter with almost 100 percent efficiency, blue light reaches up to around 65 percent of a child’s retina. In older people it is less. Excessive exposure to blue light, for example, causes dryness and thus itchy and painful eyes, but also sleep disorders, headaches or blurred vision. Children are most vulnerable because their developing eyes are the least able to filter out blue light and they tend to hold devices closer to their eyes, increasing the risk.

The office has the heaviest workload, employers can help

As people who work in offices are exposed to blue light during working hours, employers also have a certain responsibility in this regard. IT and HR managers need to consider whether now is a good time to equip employees with some of the eye protection devices. In addition to health considerations, the above effects of exposure to blue light can cause fatigue and reduce worker efficiency.

How does Dynabook see it: special display, filter or software solution?

There are several ways to counteract the negative effects of blue light.

  • Special display with blue light filtering. From the user’s point of view, the easiest and most effective way to filter out blue light is to have a display that is able to automatically reduce the intensity of high-energy blue light without negatively affecting the screen’s color reproduction. The Dynabook Portégé X40L equipped with a special screen goes in this direction IPS Eyesafe certified. This automatically solves the blue light filtering without the user having to think about it, making it more user-friendly and enjoyable to watch. “As a manufacturer of business notebooks whose users stare at screens all day, in the future we want to focus on implementing Eyesafe certified displays in other devices, including youth laptops, which we design and optimize for learning purposes »explained Philippe Azouyan, Director of Dynabook’s French office.
  • filtered. However, the vast majority of screens sold today cannot block blue light. A special filter is available for them. Desktop monitors, laptops and phones can be fitted with separately sold films that reduce glare while limiting the amount of blue light that passes through them. Most of these filters that can be found for a specific screen size or phone model are designed to be applied directly to the screen once, and for mobile phones these filters can also serve as device protection to reduce risk in the event of a fall reduce a fall.
  • glasses. Special glasses can also perform a similar function by suppressing the amount of blue light passing through them. When buying, it is advisable to check the parameters for the presence of a blue light filter.
  • software solutions. Blue light can also be eliminated using software, but this method leads to a color change that is usually neither desirable nor pleasant.
  • advice for everyone. From a health perspective, it’s a good idea to only set the screen brightness to the necessary level (not the maximum) and not to look at a screen that emits blue light in the dark. It is best to turn on at least one lamp in the evenings when you are working on your computer or phone.

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