The future depends on you

They will be ten. Ten 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students from Orange Innovation will defend their thesis at Orange Gardens on October 19th. Everyone has three minutes to present their research project with the support of a single slide. This is where you come into the picture because, in addition to the three jury prizes, one will be awarded by the public and the employees of the Orange group following the online votes. An online voting phase begins today until October 18. The future of innovation is in your hands.

This year, the Salon de la Recherche, organized by Orange, has broadened its fields of interest to become this year the Salon de la Recherche et de l’Innovation. A way of bridging research (the promises of the future) and innovation (the urgency of the present).

This unmissable event will therefore make it possible to highlight Orange’s major projects and vision in terms of research and innovation, around three main areas: networks of the future, artificial intelligence and data, and commitments environmental and societal aspects of Orange.

To vote, nothing could be simpler: below, click on “I discover the 10 candidates.” and watch the video presentation of each candidate. Once your choice is made, click on “I vote!” below the video of the candidate you have chosen!

The innovations of the future depend on your vote

“My thesis in 3 minutes” will be one of the highlights of the event. Because it honors doctoral students from 2e and 3e year of the Group. Because it offers an original format of oratorical contests during which each student must present, in three minutes, a clear, concise and nevertheless convincing presentation on his research project to a lay and diversified audience. All with the support of a single slide!

Because the key will be awarded four prizes, three by a jury made up of professionals, and one by the general public and employees via an online vote. Because the winners will benefit from a “Learning Expedition” in a secret location until the final and journalistic writing workshops with a specialized organization. Because ultimately, your vote may depend on the innovations that will build the more responsible world of tomorrow.

“My thesis in 3 minutes”: doctoral students will popularize their theses to make them accessible to as many people as possible!

You decide !

Are you more on the deepening of the automated processing of non-verbal attributes? Explainability for AI acceptance or regulatory compliance? An insulation layer adapted to resource-constrained objects? The evolution of optical interfaces of access networks, transmitters and receivers? Authentication from the context linked to a user? A collaborative platform to help solve problems propagating on interdependent IoT devices? An Uplift learning algorithm taking into account the bias of learning and deployment data? A decision support tool in an auction mechanism? A real-time statistical observatory of road freight transport? A model checking approach for Solidity smart contracts and their blockchain environment? It’s up to you to decide here!

On your marks, get set, vote!

Article produced in partnership with Orange


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