The Mercedes EQC sedan arrives in 2024, with EQXX technology.

Autocar was recently able to speak briefly with Robert Lesnik, head of exterior design at Mercedes, who confirmed to the British media that a new, more compact electric hatchback from the brand will be released in 2024 and will serve as an entry-level model for the Mercedes’ EQ electric range. We anticipate the name to be “EQC Sedan”, theEQC existing being renamed “EQC SUV”, as is already the case with theEQE and theEQS – which makes the naming within the brand particularly confusing, but that aside.

More than 600 km of autonomy?

Mr Lesnik also mentioned that this EQC sedan will be around 4.7m long and will be “one of the most efficient electric cars on the market”, which of course is always good news. The EQE and EQS sedans also have the longest range in their class, perhaps this new entry-level model will take the crown in the Polestar 2, BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 segment. Currently, the Model 3 leads the peloton with a WLTP range of 602km, so the EQC sedan will have to exceed that figure.

EQXX as an inspiration

As for the model’s appearance, Lesnik says the inspiration comes from the EQXX, the prototype that recently managed to set the record for the longest distance on a single battery charge. After covering 1,008 km, the EQXX did it again by covering 1,202 km without having to recharge. The EQXX will not only be the pinnacle of efficiency for this EQC sedan, its active aerodynamics will also be used in the AMG version of this new sedan, expected in 2025.

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