The most beloved workplace is one of the few tech giants on this top 100 list

In short: with its high pressures, long working hours and, in some cases, lack of security, the tech industry is not known to be a great place to work, even if the money is good. . This could explain why hardly any of the big titans made it to the 100 Most Loved Workplaces of 2022 list, with the sole exception of the company that took the top spot.

Newsweek worked with the Florida-based Best Practice Institute (BPI) to survey 1.4 million employees at 450 companies, from small organizations to mega-corporations, to determine which companies are getting the most love from their employees. External public ratings from sites such as Glassdoor and additional research were also used to determine rankings.

The results show that employee happiness comes from several factors, including the offer of remote work, opportunities for career advancement, benefits such as 401(k) plans and a company’s approach, the teamwork, collaboration and ethics.

Surprisingly, the company with the most employees in the top 100 is also the highest ranked: Dell. Alienware’s parent company has been praised for allowing employees to control their destinies through its Career Hub, where they can map out their development plans, which has helped fill most of Dell’s leadership positions internally. Job satisfaction and bosses appreciating feedback were also cited as big positives.

Another reason Dell employees are so happy is the company’s openness to remote working. ZDNet notes that 90% of its employees have this option and can work from anywhere in the world for 29 days a year. Apple and Tesla may want to take note.

Software giant SAP America is second. Like Dell, its position is partly thanks to its people development. The company has an internal incubator for employees to launch new businesses.

The most loved workplace is one of

Other tech companies to make the top 10 are Seattle-based IT consulting firm Avanade (3rd), HR tech company ZipRecruiter (7th), and San Francisco software company Zapier (9th).

Many recognizable names are missing from the list: Google, Nvidia, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even Apple, which prides itself on providing the best possible environment for its employees, is absent. But then his workers started a petition against the mandate to return to the company office. Aside from Dell, one of the only other big tech companies in the top 100 is Cloudflare at 55.

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