the sector shaken with the new tensions on the rates


Photo credit © Reuters

( — The new acceleration in bond yields is weighing down growth and technology stocks at the start of the week. On the CAC40, STMicro and Dassault Systèmes drop more than 4%. Excluding the flagship index, the decline is even more significant for Solutions 30, Atos, Alten and Soitec. The yield on the French 10-year is rapidly approaching 2.2% (+10.5 basis points), investors fearing an even sharper-than-expected tightening of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy while inflation is flying from record to record in the euro zone. During its monetary policy meeting on Thursday, the ECB announced that it would raise interest rates by 25 basis points on July 21, while specifying that it did not rule out a larger hike in September if the inflation is not slowing down.


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