The skates of the future have arrived in Amiens!

On Friday June 10, the Atmosgear Tour de France was launched, at the innovation center of the Compiègne University of Technology, where it all began. Perched on his rollerblades, Mohamed Soliman passes like an arrow: “
I limited them to 20 km/h but with the right battery, we can go up to 35 km/h

Roller skates with… motorized wheels

The engineer embarked on entrepreneurship by launching his start-up Atmosgear. His idea of ​​electrically-assisted roller skates, driven by the movement of skaters, could potentially interest a market of 5 million urban slide enthusiasts in France.

The skate offers technological solutions with, at the back of the skate, a motor directly integrated into the wheel and a Bluetooth remote-controlled system with a joystick. ”
The remote control has a range of 50 meters. You can control people remotely, it’s quite funny on events.

Just skate for the rollers to activate. ”
You can even engage reverse gear!
» Motorized frames are compatible with most pairs of skate shoes on the market.


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