The startup TOP, at the origin of a predictive technology allowing to limit turnover in companies, raises 1.2 M€

As part of a real trend aimed at retaining employees and retaining talent, TOP technology responds to current HR and managerial issues. TOP creates, so to speak, the “augmented manager”.

The “augmented manager” according to TOP

While the HRDs are increasingly challenged on the loyalty and retention of talent, TOP creates the “augmented manager”.
New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning now make it possible to anticipate very precisely the future of teams in terms of skills but also in terms of commitment and motivation.
The startup TOP has therefore developed an algorithm that allows:
• Visualize the risk of resignation in real time
• Identify the mobility wishes of employees
• Define corrective actions to sustain the teams 80%
early resignations thanks to TOP’s algorithm

In a few months, the solution has already convinced several companies that had been able to test it first, including Ted Consulting, Pharmalys, Hiview Solutions and ArtimIS.
Moreover, it adapts to all business issues and easily integrates with all the main IT infrastructures (SAP, Sage, Cegid, Elevo, Eurécia, etc.).

€1.2 million raised from French and foreign Business Angels

Only a few weeks after its launch, the startup brought together several French and foreign Business Angels around the project. The predictive solution was convincing by its effectiveness (80% early resignations thanks to the tool). This first round of funding will first serve to recruit a team of account managers, to create a scientific committee on HR / Managerial practices and finally, to launch their acquisition strategy.

Maxime Cariou, CEO TOP
“We are convinced that employees are the main source of growth for a company. We developed TOP to place teams at the heart of organizations’ strategy. Our solution makes it possible to reduce turnover and retain talent in sometimes very short-sighted sectors, the first victims of the “Great Resignation”, such as those of Health, Hotels and Restaurants or even the IT universe and its ESNs. Our algorithm, adaptable to each business area, convinced our investors because it responds to concrete issues: anticipating departures, advising managers on corrective actions and thus building a sustainable and healthy business project. »

TOP is an HR Tech startup behind a technological solution based on the use of Machine Learning AI. Founded in March 2022 by Maxime Cariou, also director of Aymax, an expert group in consulting, the development of digital applications and the integration of SAP solutions, TOP responds to one of the main HR and managerial issues of the moment: retaining talent within his company.


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