the technology is not fully deployed that 6G is already announced for LG

5G is not yet fully installed in a number of countries, but 6G is beginning to show up and LG is in a position to assert a certain leadership in its development.

The South Korean company has indeed conducted tests that have made it possible to perform the longest distance traveled by data in the context of a transmission of one TBps or 1,000 Gigabits per second, unlike 5G, “limited at 100 Gigabits per second.

The distance traveled by this TBps (tetrabit per second) is around 320 m, in the premises of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin, Germany.

What is interesting in these tests is the distance over which they were conducted, namely on frequency bands between 155 GHz and 175 GHz, called ultra-wide, at 320 meters.

However, high data rates are achievable on high frequencies but only over a fairly short distance. However, the frequencies used by LG in the context of this experiment are ultra-wideband, but with a fairly short range, which results in power losses, which has pushed LG to its limits and forced the firm à develops a first signal amplifier, thanks to several partnerships, but also a second in the process, to improve its quality.

A project for the future, which may happen faster than planned.

For the time being, 6G is not subject to any standard since the discussions which must define its contours will only have to be initiated from the year 2025 before being able to consider placing it on the market from 2029 or even 2030 for other manufacturers, which leaves time to calibrate the appropriate networks, especially during major events.

6G is still prospective. However, if there are European or French equipment manufacturers, start-ups or research laboratories wishing to investigate the issue, things must be done. » announced Cédric O in the course of 2021, when he was the strong man of digital in France, drawing attention to the need to anticipate this situation; 5G having been launched very late compared to China or even a large number of European countries.

However, there is reason to bet that this arrival on the market will not be without discussion, particularly in view of the difficulties already encountered by 5G, the distrust of the Communes concerning its impact on the environment and health, the skepticism of the ‘public opinion.

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