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Shiba Inu (SHIB) has seen a meteoric rise this week, helping it maintain its position as the largest cryptocurrency held by whales. At the same time, the team Unification announced that the alpha version of the private Shibarium testnet has been running effectively for several weeks.

The price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) increases by 15%

During this week, more precisely on June 21, Shiba Inu (SHIB) experienced a strong increase of more than 45%. This dazzling rally allowed Shiba Inu (SHIB) to maintain its position as largest digital asset held by the top 100 Ethereum whales (ETH).

According to some data, the top 100 ETH whales now hold $594,171,595 worth of SHIB, which represents 14.48% of their holdings. At the same time, the Shiba Inu Token (SHIB) was noticed trading up nearly 4% at $0.000011 after gaining up to 15% earlier.

Moreover, recent data has revealed that the profitability of the first meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu (SHIB), has increased to 22%. There is also an increase in the number of Shiba Inu (SHIB) holders, which rose to 1,188,659 on June 25.

The alpha version of tesnet Private Shibarium is functional

According to the recent Shibarium updates provided by the Unification team, the alpha version of the testnet deprived of Shibarium has been working effectively for several weeks. The platform is under development for public deployment. It must be said that the platform is designed to facilitate two-way asset transfers between L1 and L2, staking/delegation and, in later editions, Shibaswap integration. All of these features are actively under development.

At the same time, the beta release from testnet private Shibarium is scheduled for the third quarter. The tool will allow full interaction with the network for users, including the validation process. Twitter handle dedicated to the Shiba Inu community, ShibaInuart, shared their expectations for the launch of this beta phase. He stated : ” When the Shibarium private testnet beta becomes active, key areas workflows for those interacting with the blockchain environment will assess the following: performance, usability optimization, and stabilization of architecture. “.

At the moment, all eyes are on Switchere’s Shiba Inu ecosystem, as Shibainuart expressed his gratitude to the Switchere team for taking the time to learn about the Shiba Inu trifecta: SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. Separately, earlier in the week, cryptocurrency exchange Binance activated tracking for BONE, leading to speculation about a possible listing.

After a meteoric rise earlier this week, the Shiba Inu memecoin (SHIB) remains the largest token held by ETH whales. At the same time, the Unification team announced that the alpha version of thetestnetdeprived of Shibarium, the blockchain around Shiba Inu, is functional.

Source: U.Today

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