the winning trio of Sait France abrasives

With more than 60 years of experience, SAIT France is one of the top five suppliers of bonded and coated abrasives in France, two major families of products manufactured in the group’s Italian factories.

“We market them to professional customers or via our national network of multi-brand distributors, specializing in industrial supplies, hardware or wood materials”, specifies Christophe Chrétien, CEO of SAIT France.

”Proximity, responsiveness and advice to our customers are priorities implemented daily thanks to a team of 15 technical sales representatives, as well as technical support at their disposal. These experts also offer tailor-made theoretical or practical training programs to the sales forces of our distributors.”


The wide range of bonded and coated abrasives offered by SAIT France will effectively cover all your metalworking applications. It includes in particular cutting and trimming discs for profiles (from diameter 75 to diameter 500), fiber and flap discs, self-gripping discs, cloth and paper strips, etc. An offer supplemented by the sale of metal brushes, carbide burrs, incorporated abrasives, diamond discs.


“We have designed a wide range of ceramic-based abrasive products, a state-of-the-art technology that guarantees very high performance in terms of time, consumption and quality,” continues Christophe Chrétien.

This latest-generation material can be used for all your metalworking operations: rapid cutting of tubes and profiles with cutting wheels, polishing and satin-finishing of sheet metal with hook-and-loop discs, shaving of weld beads with fiber discs, chamfering with grinding wheels, sanding and polishing with endless bands, etc.

Combining comfort of use, aggressiveness, cold cut and longevity, the use of ceramic combines the advantages. It ensures a very high material removal and allows very neat finishes, for example on medical prostheses or aeronautical parts made of titanium-based alloys.

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