The Worst Foods That Raise Cholesterol

In an interview with Make It magazine, American cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas revealed four foods that could be responsible for hypercholesterolemia, in other words, an increase in bad cholesterol. In this sense, it offers alternative solutions to reduce this bad cholesterol.

According to Public Health France, one in five adults has a “bad” cholesterol level of more than 1.6 grams per liter of blood, or 20% of the population. Also known as low-intensity (HDL) cholesterol, this type of cholesterol is the most atherogenic fraction of cholesterol, meaning it produces atheromas, plaques of lipids that attach to the inner walls of arteries, according to Doctissimo. Excess HDL cholesterol, also known as hypercholesterolemia, “is therefore one of the most important cardiovascular risk factors in arterial hypertension, obesity and diabetes,” explains SPF. It is important to distinguish HDL cholesterol from LDL (High Intensity) – the “good” cholesterol – which makes it possible to eliminate excess cholesterol in the blood.

The best way to prevent or treat high cholesterol naturally is through diet. In this sense, the American cardiologist Elizabeth Klodas, in an interview with the magazine Make It and transmitted by Pourquoi Docteur, revealed the four foods that can promote hypercholesterolemia and the consequent cardiovascular diseases, proposing alternative solutions.

Red and processed meat

In her top 4, the cardiologist highlights red meat as an aggravating factor in hypercholesterolemia. Steak, ribs and chops should be limited to once per week. On the other hand, processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs and salami – classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization because of sodium and saturated fatty acids – are to be banned with rare exceptions.

If you can’t give up meat, Elizabeth Klodas recommends choosing lean meat without going overboard: “Remember, poultry also has saturated fats, and giving up red meat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gorging on chicken have to,” she explains. The best alternative can actually be found in white-fleshed fish such as halibut, cod or sea bass, and shellfish: “Shrimp may be high in cholesterol, but as long as you don’t drizzle them, they provide you with a lot of protein at the same time. Leave your blood cholesterol alone.

fries and sweets

In addition to meat, the cardiologist points out everything that is fried, which is often too high in calories and therefore risky. Instead, she suggests cooking the potatoes in water instead of oil. The same goes for cabbage or broccoli. “You can also invest in a fryer that uses a lot less fat,” she adds.

Not surprisingly, cookies, cakes and pastries, synonymous with calories, fat and sugar, should be kept to a minimum. “They are the main causes of hypercholesterolemia,” assures the cardiologist. The only solution is to cook for yourself to control “the amount and type of fat and sugar you use.”

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