There are 3 times more skin cancers in Brittany compared to the national average

Health authorities are concerned about the rate of skin cancer among Bretons, which is three times higher than the national average.

In order to sensitize the Bretons at risk of skin cancer, the health authorities are launching an information campaign. Indeed, Brittany is the region of France which records the highest number of cases of skin cancer each year despite weather that is often said to be ‘less clement’ than other French regions.

Ultraviolet rays as present as elsewhere

And precisely, not being considered as a region at risk from UV rays, the sun, its inhabitants tend to protect themselves less from ultraviolet rays which are as present as elsewhere. As a result, the Regional Directorate of the Medical Service of Brittany, the CPAMs and the Mutualit√© sociale agricole have set up an awareness campaign which will be relayed on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and which will remind us that ‘it is not because that there are clouds or that it is gray, that UV rays are not dangerous’.

Concern: Brittany, like the other French departments, is affected by a shortage of dermatologists, able to detect skin cancers which can prove fatal.

It is not because there are clouds or it is gray that UV rays are not dangerous

The challenge, as underlined by health insurance, is to systematically adopt 5 reflex actions from spring and summer: put on sunscreen, wear a hat and glasses, wear covering clothes and stay indoors. shade between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Five visuals will be shown, playing on Breton markers and a humorous tone, each showing a gesture of protection. Finally, an information page on the campaign has been specially created to relay these messages:


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