These 5 Technological Innovations Honored at the Las Vegas World’s Fair Could Change Our Lives – Ouest-France Evening Edition

The 57the The 5th edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings together start-ups and big brands to present their technological jewels from January 5th to 8th, 2023 in Las Vegas (USA). Some have already received innovation awards even before the opening of the world’s largest tech fair.

In more than fifty years of its existence, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (USA) has become the world’s largest technology fair, which allows you to feel the pulse of the new trends: connected objects, computers, automobiles, hi- Fi equipment, unusual gimmicks… When confidentiality is often the order of the day, even before the opening of this 57the For the 5th to 8th January 2023 edition, awards were presented in November (including nineteen for French companies). Among the 2023 innovation awards, some with everyday implications could do well. Small selection.

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1. Clean Water Pathfinder, the robot that checks water pipes

Clean Water Pathfinder, the pipe inspection robot developed by the French company Acwa Robotics. (Photo: Acwa Robotics)

It is an ecologically very interesting invention. Clean Water Pathfinder, an autonomous and articulated robot developed by France’s Acwa Robotics, can move like a worm in the water supply network to map it to the centimeter and assess its condition without disturbing the distribution or digging ditches. The volume of losses related to network leaks is around 20% in France. So the stakes are high.

2. Cray X, the handling and prevention exoskeleton

Cray X, the exoskeleton from German Bionic helps to lift loads more easily. (Photo: German Bionic)

An exoskeleton is a motorized device that restores or enhances a human’s physical abilities. With its Cray X, the German company German Bionic offers a fully networked device that can offer up to 30 kg of lifting support for the lower back and a walking aid. This exoskeleton, made of ultra-light, waterproof carbon fiber, provides real-time warnings of bad posture to prevent fatigue and injuries.

3. DotPad, the touchpad for the visually impaired

DotPad Tactile Display 2, a touchscreen tablet for the visually impaired. (Photo: Dot Inc.)

The technology offers new possibilities to develop useful tools for the visually impaired. The Dot Pad Tablet is thus the first tactile graphics device with 320 raised areas, including 300 for displaying images or graphics and 20 for displaying Braille text. Connected, the tablet can convert any captured image in real time over a smartphone, in a tactile version on the raised screen of the tablet.

4. Graphene Square, the economical graphene emitter

The graphene emitter from the Korean company Graphene Square. (Photo: Graphene Square)

It’s an innovation in a field that doesn’t come along often. The Korean company Graphene Square was awarded for the invention of a graphene emitter. Discovered in 2004, this material is the thinnest (one atom thick) and strongest in the world. And it has the property of storing energy easily. So this virtual fireplace generates heat, takes up little space and consumes 30% less energy.

5. AeviceMD, the intelligent virtual stethoscope

Singaporean company Aevice Health has developed AeviceMD, a wearable stethoscope powered by artificial intelligence. (Photo: Aevice Health)

Health is a promising field for new technologies. Singapore-based company Aevice Health has developed AeviceMD, a wearable stethoscope powered by artificial intelligence. It can detect abnormal lung sounds in everyday life in diseases such as asthma and other chronic diseases. With the idea of ​​intervening as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown. A sensor continuously evaluates and records the readings (breathing rate, heart rate, etc.). over an application to enable physicians to make quick clinical decisions.

And also…

Other innovation awards include Samsung’s ultra-secure anti-spoof payment card, John Deere’s fully autonomous tractor, SK On’s world’s fastest-charging battery for electric vehicles, and X6 Play (Xplora) kids’ smartwatch for ages 4-4 11 years…

How many French people are at CES in Las Vegas this year?

For ten years, more than 900 French startups have exhibited at CES in Las Vegas, according to Business France, which coordinates French Tech’s local presence with ten regions. There are more than 216 in the running this year, including 170 in the Eureka Park Pavilion and 16 in the Autonomous and Intelligent Vehicles section. Green Tech is the first sector represented at CES with 46 companies, followed by Health Technologies with 34 representatives and finally Artificial Intelligence (19 companies).

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