These men allergic to their own orgasms

As if life wasn’t complicated enough already, Gizmodo tells us that some people develop an allergy to their own orgasms – which is still very unfortunate. Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POMS) is thought to affect a thousand people in the United States alone, not counting all the unreported cases. Because who would consult because of sneezing occurring after an orgasm?

This syndrome concerns almost exclusively men, who have declared having symptoms – similar to those of hay fever or the flu – after almost every ejaculation (which, it should be remembered, is not systematically synonymous with Orgasm). Peak fatigue, itchy eyes, stuffy nose and memory problems have been observed.

Symptoms usually start a few seconds after orgasm, but in some patients they don’t occur until hours later. The illness then lasts between two and seven days. This, still very little studied by the scientific community, has just been the subject of a study, the results of which will be published in November in a reference journal in the field of urology.

For example, we can read the testimony of a 27-year-old man, in good health, who discovered at the age of 18 that his orgasms made him sick. In addition to the symptoms described above, he was affected by a form of urticaria occurring after each of his ejaculations.

Not having found an answer with the various specialists consulted (ENT, expert in infectious diseases, allergists), he ended up giving up all sexual life, including with himself. This man also gave up the idea of ​​being in a relationship, unable to bear the idea of ​​a romantic relationship devoid of sex.

Allergic to their own semen

Although there is still a lack of evidence due to the small number of people affected, the causes of POMS seem to have been identified. It would result from a form of hypersensitivity linked to an element contained in the sperm.

Most of the individuals concerned have indeed undergone skin tests which have turned out to be positive: these people are therefore allergic to their own semen. According to some members of the scientific community, this could be linked to the fact that sperm contains only half of the genetic material present in other cells, and therefore provokes a different immune response.

There is no official treatment, but the daily intake of certain antihistamines seems to make it possible to avoid POMS, or at least to greatly reduce its effects.

Fexofenadine works particularly well, dropping symptoms by around 90%. Besides its effectiveness, the advantage of this drug is that its effects last a long time and that it does not cause drowsiness – unlike other products of the same kind with which patients would end up feeling sleepy all the time. instead of having sex, which would be relatively counterproductive.

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