these state-of-the-art Samsung headphones hit rock bottom in this gorgeous color

Get Samsung’s spectacular wireless headphones with active noise cancellation at the cheapest price ever.

If you have been looking for good wireless headphones for some time, but have not yet dared to buy them, there is an alternative on the market now at your fingertips. These are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, one of the best Bluetooth headphones from Samsung, which can now be yours for just 66 euros on Amazon. Of course, they only reach the bottom in the beautiful white color.

The Galaxy Buds Live are headphones with a distinctive design, excellent sound quality and active noise cancellation so that the outside world does not disturb you. If you use the charging case, you’ll get up to 21 hours of battery life on a single charge. In general, the quality of these helmets on sale is more than assured.

Although they have been on the market for a while, we must not forget that the original price of these headphones is 179.90 euros, so the drop is considerable. Also, Amazon is the store where you can buy them cheaper. For example, on the Samsung website they only go down to 119.90 euros, while at PcComponentes they go down to 78.50 euros. Another advantage, if you have Amazon Prime, you will receive them at home the next day, with a long return period of 30 days.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Live at the best price

Your big break: These state-of-the-art Samsung headphones hit rock bottom in this gorgeous color

The advanced Samsung Galaxy Buds Live dive into this gorgeous white color.

If we tell you that these headphones are called Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, maybe the name means nothing to you. However, you might recognize them quickly if we specify that they are Samsung’s bean-shaped headphones. Thanks to this particular shape, the Galaxy Buds Live adapt perfectly and comfortably to your ear so that you can wear them for hours. The charging case is also comfortable, which fits perfectly in any pocket.

These headphones mount dynamic 12-millimeter drivers which, together with AKG signature sound, signify a high-quality audio experience. Whether it’s music, podcasts, video games or series, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live sound very, very good. To this we add the good job that its active noise cancellation does, which silences the noise from the outside and allows us to hear the sound with all the details.

Another important section of these headphones is their battery life. Each earbud mounts a 60mAh battery, allowing them to give you 6 hours of music on a single charge. When it runs out, you can store them in the charging case, with a 472mAh battery that can extend battery life for up to 21 hours of playtime in total. As always, the final duration depends on each user’s usage. For example, if you use active noise cancellation, the battery life will be less.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are widely compatible with other devices, you can quickly connect them to your mobile, computer or tablet via Bluetooth 5.1. It is important that you know that they have touch controls, which will help you skip songs, accept a call or pause the playback without taking your mobile phone out of your pocket. Thanks to proximity sensors, the music automatically pauses and resumes playing when you remove and reconnect the headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

In short, these Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have everything you need, with particular emphasis on the great sound quality they offer. Don’t forget that now they can be yours for only 66 euros on Amazon, don’t wait for them to increase again.

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