These two serums with Shiseido’s innovative technology are the solution against wrinkles

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We’ve unearthed the two serums to use to achieve visible anti-aging results!

Shiseido is a well-known cosmetics brand. Founded 150 years ago in Japan, the brand is a perfect blend of Western science associated with Eastern aesthetics, where innovation is at the service of beauty. In fact, the brand is constantly working on the development of new products with new technologies developed in their laboratories. The latest? MolecuShift Technology. Three patents have been filed for this innovative technology which exploits all the volumizing power of hyaluronic acid at the heart of the skin for an anti-aging effect.

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Until now, in cosmetics, one of the solutions consisted in using fragments of hyaluronic acid. An interesting process but which did not make it possible to preserve intact the moisturizing and volumizing power of hyaluronic acid since the smaller it is, the more it will lose power and will act in a very superficial way. However, for an anti-aging effect with results, it is necessary to act in depth. Aini, Shiseido has challenged itself to penetrate “high molecular weight hyaluronic acid while maintaining its hydrating and volumizing power at the maximum level”. In other words, to design a technology that could control the size of hyaluronic acid. A challenge that the brand has successfully met with flying colors with MolecuShift technology.

In fact, Shiseido has developed two serums. The first, intended to be put on the skin of the face in the evening before your night cream, contains hyaluronic acid which the brand has succeeded in compacting and which will therefore penetrate deep into the layers of the hepydermis. The second serum, intended this time to be applied in the morning before your moisturizer, contains a solution that will allow the re-extension of the molecule. In this way, the hyaluronic acid will instantly re-inflate creating a volume effect from the inside. In other words, fine lines will be considerably reduced and the skin plumper.

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Good to know, each Shiseido Bio-Performance Skin Filler serum has been designed with a refillable pump system to reduce the amount of plastic waste. The refills are composed of 20% of plant origin and allow a reduction of 74% of plastic materials used.

Our opinion ? We have to say we were blown away. The results are visible after just one application and the quality of the skin is improved day by day. In addition, the serums adapt perfectly to our routine of care and our usual creams. A single small drop is sufficient when using them. Nothing to say except the price. The quality and this technology of a new kind are paid for since it will still cost 250 euros for the duo. Note that there is no point in buying the serums separately, they would have no effect and are made to be used together. The products are also sold in pairs. Curious to discover these serums of a new kind? This is where it’s happening.

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