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Under the slogan “No technology for apartheid”, sit-ins were carried out in several American states, with the participation of many employees of Google and Amazon companies to protest against the supply of spy technology to “Israel”. .

The protesters who gathered outside the offices of the two companies demanded that the two companies cancel the contract for the “Nimbus” project, worth one billion and two hundred million dollars, under which the database of the Israeli government, army and police would be transferred to state-of-the-art technology.

Project Nimbus enables the use of Google and Amazon services to allow Israel to expand its settlements by backing up Israel Lands Administration data, according to the organizing group of the protest, “No Tech for Apartheid”.

Last March, the Los Angeles Times reported that Project Nimbus would facilitate surveillance of Palestinians and help expand Israeli settlements.

Vigil organizers said the contract between the two companies and the Israeli occupation “adds to the psit_in_google_amazon_israelpolicy of apartheid and oppression of the Palestinians. What must stop now! »

The campaign, which was founded last year, launched a petition that garnered more than 40,000 signatures calling on the management of the two companies to “stop dealing with Israel’s apartheid government and its military”.

The petition affirmed its solidarity with the hundreds of employees of the two giants who are courageously demanding the withdrawal of the Nimbus project.
“As the Israeli army bombs homes, clinics and schools in Gaza and threatens to drive Palestinian families out of their homes in Jerusalem, the leaders of Amazon and Google signed in May 2021, a contract of 1, $22m to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military,” the petition reads.

“By engaging with Israel’s apartheid regime, Amazon and Google will make it easier for the Israeli government to monitor Palestinians and force them to sit_in_google_amazon_israel-jpg1leave their land,” she added.
“We are responding to a call from more than 1,000 Google and Amazon workers to oppose this contract, known as Project Nimbus. Technology should be used to bring people together, rather than enable apartheid, ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism,” she said, noting that “tech companies like Amazon and Google are the beneficiaries of the war “.

Pressure from activists and employees prompted Google 3 years ago to cancel an artificial intelligence contract with the Pentagon, and Microsoft suspended work with Israeli company AnyVision after pressure from employees and activists in 2020.

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