they pass the technology test without having had class for seven months

The 3rd year students of the college of Volgelsheim in the Haut-Rhin will have to pass the technology test for the college patent on July 1st when they have not had a teacher in this discipline for 7 months. Their case is not isolated in Alsace.

Chance spoke, at the beginning of May. Like every year, the college patent science test was drawn by lot and it was technology that came out of the hat. A very bad pick for many college students at the Strasbourg Academy.

At the Robert Schuman college in Volgelsheim, the parents of students did not take off. The five 3rd grade classes have not had technology lessons since November 2021. The teacher is sick but it is impossible to find a replacement for her. “We’ve been raising this issue at every meeting for months. But the rectorate is powerless”says Pierrick O’Murphy, member of the parents’ association.

It must be said that the pond is dry. Because technology, even if it is an integral part of the common core in the same way as life and earth sciences (SVT) and physics, is “dying”.

Marc Bolzer of Snes-FSU, the main union for secondary school teachers, does not mince his words. “The situation is dramatic, there are 30 positions for technology teachers to be filled for the next school year, and this is a minimum, these are only positions opened by the rectorate, there is a lot more missing: 25 more according to our estimates”.

Positions that no one will come to fill, everyone knows that. Discipline no longer attracts. Few candidates to teach in college. Three-quarters of the academy’s technology professors are at the end of their careers. What to augur, in a few years, a drastic melting of the workforce.

There is indeed recourse to contract workers, often former industry professionals. They are at least 54 since November but it is always difficult to attract them to outlying establishments of the academy.

In Volgelsheim, the parents of pupils therefore asked that the science test relate rather to SVT. Categorical refusal of the rectorate: “the draw is national, no derogation is possible“, they were told. But let them be reassured, the copies coming from the college of Volgelsheim will be treated with indulgence by the correctors. “This is not a solution ! What about equal opportunities in this national event? She is swept away. Moreover, the students will have the diploma, but not the knowledge. It’s not something you can accept.”believes Pierrick O’Murphy.

In the meantime, one month before the test, it is the D system within the college. It is the technology teacher of the 6th and 5th grades who provides disaster remedial lessons to the 3rd grade, to the detriment, of course, of her own students. A 45-page summary of the program was also provided online by the rectorate.

Two weeks ago, to signify their dissatisfaction, the parents’ association still split a letter. For the moment, no response from the rectorate. Note that he did not respond to our requests either.

One question remains, how many establishments are concerned in Alsace? How many 3rd graders will work on a test in which the discipline has not been taught to them? At least, those of the college of Hégenheim in the Haut-Rhin where, again, the absence of a professor of technology could not be filled. There are obviously others.

One certainty, however, the technology test will take place, for all, Friday July 1 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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