ThinkData Works is on Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud customers can count themselves lucky. It will now be able to have a new data catalog on the brand’s marketplace. With a unified cloud provider, it offers more convenient data management options.

How are ThinkData Works products useful?

ThinkData Works is a well-known company in providing data catalogs. It has deployed a new one, in addition to its enrichment services on the Google Cloud marketplace. Thanks to this, the brand’s customers benefit from an optimal time to value. At the same time, they will be able to access “Google Cloud AI and Data Analytics Capabilities”.

For third parties, ThinkData Works products and services offer great help. These encourage the thoughtful decision making especially commercially. As such, each customer. This is possible by connecting to both external and internal sources of information. Note that ThinkData Works also offers “metadata, governance and discovery features” quality. The data allocated is therefore rich, whether on a demographic or commercial level. Coupled with intrinsic data assets, these data streams can only fuel more powerful insights.

Google Cloud Marketplace speaks out on ThinkData Works

On the Google Cloud Marketplace side, it is a very popular platform for customers. The latter can, indeed, acquire computer programs and Google Cloud solutions. Dai Vu, DG Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud highlights the company’s contribution to enterprises. It seeks, as such, to “evolve their data analytics and AI/ML initiatives”. The ThinkData Works catalog will then be used to empower Google Cloud customers, since they will be able to freely access the information. These same customers will be required to start “data-driven initiatives faster and at scale”.

A solution to manage data

The collaboration between Google Cloud Marketplace and ThinkData Works is based on “a growing ecosystem of data and management tools available to customers of both organizations.” According to Brendan Stennett, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ThinkData Works, investing in AI/ML solutions has become very common among enterprises. However, these are not progressing because of the variety, but also the poor health of the data.

For customers, such availability represents a golden opportunity. The launch of the catalog platform is made easier because of what links them to Google Cloud. Results, they now have the necessary elements for better management and distribution of data. This will also be used to unlock other AI and ML options.

In short, the contributions of ThinkData Works are no less. By releasing the value of data, it contributes to the development of a company. This allows any source to be chosen for a connection. You can also release certain sensitive information while keeping control over your activity.

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