This carolo technology which divides the cost of vaccines by five will be used in Senegal

In Jumet, Exothera, a subsidiary of the Univercells group, has installed NevoLine production lines which make it possible to manufacture vaccines at a lower cost – up to ten times cheaper per dose and using only 15% of the necessary surface area. A technology developed by Univercells, precisely, and in which the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation had invested heavily a few years ago.

After a partnership with Ghana, it is now in Senegal, in Dakar, that NevoLine is exported. The Pasteur Institute will produce vaccines against measles and rubella there. “By making affordable vaccines and diagnostics, the region will take another step towards epidemic preparedness and routine immunization. life”, says Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall, CEO of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD), who has also partnered with Batavia Bioscience. José Castillo, co-founder of Univercells, told us recently that only a handful of countries on the African continent could afford to produce vaccines, which caused great difficulties for the countries. But with NevoLine, which cuts the installation price and the production price, this may well change in the future.

For those who don’t know, Belgium is one of the most innovative countries in the world in the field of vaccines. Univercells, a company based in Charleroi (Jumet), specializes in manufacturing techniques. Its ambition is to make further progress by using the RNA technique, to reduce the current cost of vaccines by a factor of 100.

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